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Looking for the same day very last
minute hotel rooms? Book a room now
right from your smart phone. These
are perfect rooms that fit your
budget and last minute plans. 

Download now & get the best last
minute deals on hotel rooms. 

Our Now Rate offer: 

The best deals on Hotel rooms
Last minute bookings until 3am
Hundreds of hotels to choose from 

Last minute plans happen really suddenly
and when you want a hotel at a convenient
location for a better price StayXpress is here to help you. 

Forget the trendy travel sites, use StayXpress
and you’ll always get the biggest bang for your
buck. We call it the Last Minute Rooms which our
hotel-owner friends would like to offer at best
price for guests that plan last minute. 

Our Now Rate will not only save you money but
will get you the right room at a time when you
just need a place to sleep.


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